Alex Jones’s Strictly Come Dancing blog: part 3

Alex is clammy with fear and fake tan as the show begins in earnest

Some people claim to hear voices in their head. All I can hear is Kelly Rowland on repeat! James and I cha-cha-cha-ed to her version of When Love Takes Over, so I was constantly belting it out. My One Show colleagues pleaded with me to stop.


Anyway, the truth is it’s not “love” that’s taken over, but Strictly. I’m immersed in it’s sparkly bubble and enjoying every second. The key is being able to laugh during training sessions. Yes, James may liken my not-so-feminine lock-step to Basil Fawlty, but hey, we’re seeing a

tiny bit of improvement every day.

Having said that, the training is gruelling, physically and mentally. Never has “no pain, no gain” been more fitting. Muscles I never knew I had are having a moaning session. At this early stage, I have two main concerns. The first is that we had three weeks to learn our first dance, but from now on we only have one week before performing in front of ten million viewers! This makes me feel physically sick.

My other concern is fake tan. I understand it’s a Strictly tradition and I’m happy to embrace it. However, I now look like an Oompa Loompa compared with Matt Baker on the One Show sofa. And because of the sweating during training, my tan is getting increasingly patchy, making me look as if I have some sort of skin disease. I don’t have time to be competitive, I’m too busy exfoliating!


But thanks to the odd tweet and text, I’m comforted we’re all facing similar obstacles. Anyway, it’s time for me to put on my dancing shoes and head to the studio. I just need to find some plasters for my blisters. Hope you’re enjoying the series – keeeeep dancing!