“Untold” Amanda Knox story for Channel 5

New documentary to feature murder scene footage and testimony from Amanda Knox's family

A Channel 5 documentary about Amanda Knox is to show previously unseen footage from the scene of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher.


Amanda Knox: the Untold Story, made by Cineflix and ITN Productions, will recount the details of the 2007 murder and the case that culminated in Knox’s acquittal earlier this month. The documentary will also focus on the ongoing search for Kercher’s killer.

Members of Knox’s family are due to contribute to the programme, which is also expected to feature an exclusive interview with Patrick Lumumba, the man Knox initially accused of the murder.

Channel 5’s Michelle Chappell, commissioning editor for news, current affairs and documentaries said: “The case of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito has gripped the world for over four years and this documentary attempts to unravel some of the unanswered questions and shocking mistakes surrounding the high-profile trial.

“It will seek to answer what happened that night in Perugia.”


The hour-long documentary is in production now and planned to air before the end of October.