Twitter Watch: Steve Jobs, Jodie Marsh, Michael Winner and Charlie Higson

The best Twittle-tattle by and about our favourite entertainment stars

Dispatches from the frontline of showbiz today have been largely confined to our favourite stars of stage and screen paying tribute to the late Steve Jobs, but the Apple founder’s passing hasn’t been today’s only story on the microblogging site…


Super-ripped ex-glamour model Jodie Marsh (@JodieMarsh) was revelling in the Twitterati’s reaction to her new physique earlier today, tweeting: “Can’t believe all the positive & amazing comments! Thank you so much everyone! Never been so happy!” before revealing that the rest of her Thursday afternoon would be spent flexing for photographers. Good for her!

Death Wish director Michael Winner (@MrMichaelWinner) took a break from arranging house viewings to reveal the gulf between him and the rest of us, tweeting: “a follower says they are going to Tesco. i’ve never been to Tesco. What is it like. What does it sell? Do they have personal butlers for me?” Oh Michael, don’t ever change…

The Fast Show’s Charlie Higson revealed a new skit for the returning sketch show’s online series in his feed: “Filming our version of downton abbey today. Am wearing old @hughbon costume. won’t tell you what I found in the pocket”. One shudders to imagine.

Katie Price (@MissKatiePrice) revealed that she was “About to do loose women” this morning, a comment inviting all manner of interpretations without the all important capitalised ‘L’ and ‘W’, while Amy Childs (@MissAmyChilds) dropped the bombshell that she was “having hair extensions re done this morning” and that her intention was to “have them bit longer”.

But it was up to Jimmy Carr (@jimmycarr) to provide the day’s best Twitter laugh, using the site to issue this gag: “A coroner in Ireland has recorded ‘spontaneous combustion’ as a cause of death. Do they get a discount on the cremation?”


So that’s been Thursday 6 October, but we’ll be back, dredging the Twittersphere for all the muck that’s fit to rake soon.