Is Skyfall the title of the new James Bond movie?

Sony is snapping up 007-related URLs – so have they decided on the name for Bond 23?

Skyfall. It has a certain ring to it, suggestive of high-octane stunts like base jumping, or military operations involving covert parachute drops. So could it be the title of the next James Bond film?


We already know Daniel Craig will return as 007 this time next year in his third, and Bond’s 23rd, official big-screen adventure. But until now, the name of the movie has remained a mystery.

But today, entertainment website WhatCulture! is reporting that a brand protection company working for Sony Pictures has been buying up Bond-related URLs faster than you can say Moneypenny.

And when one of the 007 franchise owners starts registering such web addresses as,, and a dozen other related URLs, it’s got to be either an elaborate attempt to throw us off the scent or an indication that Skyfall is indeed the title they’re considering for the upcoming new movie.


The question is, what do you think of the name? Vote in our poll and post a comment below.