A who’s who of Hidden

Baffled by BBC1's twisty-turny new conspiracy thriller? We're here to help...

Most of us in the RT office are enjoying Hidden (starts 6 October 9pm, BBC1), but everyone who’s seen it here has stopped at some point and said, wait a minute, who’s that? What’s going on? If that’s happened to you, keep up to speed with our guide to the characters.


SPOILERS! Don’t read this if you want to watch episode one without knowing any of the plot…

Harry Venn (Philip Glenister)
A high street solicitor with a shabby office in north London, doing mostly legal aid work. In 1989 he became caught up in a robbery/murder, which we see in flashback as Hidden begins. The repercussions of it are about to hit Harry hard.

Mark Venn (Mark Powley)
Harry’s brother. He was killed by persons still unknown during the robbery 20 years ago.

George Venn (Christopher Fairbank)
Harry’s father, seen in flashback identifying Mark’s body.

Geoffrey Braddick
A top scientist. The victim of the 1989 robbery/murder. We see a newspaper report from the time stating that his nephew was implicated in the crime. Who’s his nephew?

Jennifer Moscati (Audrey Looten)
A Dutch lawyer who was the victim of a knife attack by a man called Mezwar Tanzir in France some years ago, which we see in flashback.

Gina Hawkes (Thekla Reuten)
Gina is the catalyst for Harry’s world crumbling around him. She’s apparently a high-class lawyer, but works for a firm that appears to be ex-directory. Harry is both attracted to and suspicious of her. She is representing career criminal Stevie Quirke, who has a favour to ask of Harry in return for information. But when Harry breaks into Gina’s hotel room, he finds a stack of case files that imply Gina’s focus is Harry himself. She also has a file on Jennifer Moscati. Even Gina’s private doctor, whom Harry goes to see on a pretence, in the hope of stealing information, is possibly not what he seems.

Stevie Quirke (Paul Ritter)
A career criminal, already known to Harry, who has walked into a police station confessing to a murder several years old and is thus on remand in Belmarsh. Gina tells Harry that Stevie is innocent, but confessed through fear – prison is the safest place for him. Stevie wants Harry to recover a laptop from a man called Joe Collins, whom Harry represented five years ago when Collins was charged with drugs possession. But Stevie also tells Harry something much more interesting and disturbing.

Paul Hillman (Mark Flitton)
One of the men involved in the robbery. He killed two policemen in cold blood when they arrived on the scene. He too then died – except Stevie claims to have seen him alive and well on the tube, raising the possibility that Harry’s brother Mark is alive too.

Jason Styles (Peter Guinness)
A copper whose details are in one of Gina’s files. In flashback we see Harry’s dying brother Mark claim that the botched robbery has turned out just as Styles intended.

Frank Hanna (Richard Dormer)

Harry’s regular client – when Harry does criminal work it’s usually for persistent, low-level offenders like Frank. Frank relies on Harry to get him out of trouble. Harry relies on Frank to perform errands that might involve a minor breach of the law.

Sir Nigel Fountain (David Suchet)
A top QC. So why has he agreed to represent Stevie Quirke, a minor criminal? How is he linked to Gina, and what does he know?

Fenton Russell (Thomas Craig)
A copper who’s determined to bring Harry down for his part in the robbery. In flashback we see the young Harry on the receiving end of DS Russell’s brutal approach to interrogation.

Brian Worsley (David Michaels)
The Prime Minister. There’s rioting across Britain and the markets are plunging. There are rumours that Worsley’s own finances aren’t above board. And he doesn’t have a majority in Parliament – can he form a coalition and save himself?

Alexander Wentworth MP (Bertie Carvel)
A rising star with some influential backers. He wants to take Worsley down and move into Number Ten himself.

Elspeth Verney (Anna Chancellor)
The boss of RDO Media, a major international news corporation. She was at Cambridge with Brian Worsley but now wants to remove him from office, so she’s drawn to Wentworth and Morpeth and is fuelling the financial scandal around Worsley.

James Morpeth (Matthew Marsh)
An oligarch who is willing to use his wealth directly, in conjunction with Elspeth Verney, to advance his political beliefs.

Lauren Venn (Lisa Kay)
Harry’s ex-wife. They’re close – sometimes very close – and Lauren is still the person Harry often turns to in a crisis.

Michael Venn (Rupert Simonian)
Harry and Lauren’s son, who lives with Lauren. He is going off the rails and is consumed with resentment towards Harry for breaking up the family by leaving home.

Matt (Benjamin Smith)
Harry’s long-suffering clerk, who’s used to covering up for his flakiness and being asked to work late at no notice. Harry also enjoys sharing a line or two of cocaine with him.


Frances (Séainin Brennan)
Harry’s girlfriend, whom he ditches in the first episode. But she’s not taking no for an answer.