Nine out of ten say save Doctor Who Confidential users vote in their thousands in support of the Doctor Who companion show

Following the news last week that BBC3 aims to scrap behind-the-scenes show Doctor Who Confidential, we ran a poll asking whether you thought it was the right decision. 


Over 4,500 people have voted so far and almost nine out of ten (89 per cent) say Doctor Who Confidential should not be axed.

Comments from users echo the feelings of fans across the country.

“I enjoy Confidential immensely,” says Alice Evans. “I like seeing what goes on behind the scenes, what goes into the creation of a script or a scene or a costume or a character.

“I cannot believe they’d cancel it… it’s one of the most informative looks at television in development I know. If it’s not on BBC3, at least have it shown on the red button channels, or as an online exclusive.”

Ben Dawson suggests a revamp could be the answer: “The show doesn’t NEED axing, it just needs a rethink… Keep the productive and informative parts to make a 20-30 minute version.”

Meanwhile, almost 30,000 people have signed an online petition aiming to save Doctor Who Confidential, and 5,000 fans have joined Facebook groups, leaving hundreds of passionate messages.

Dedicated Twitter account @SaveDWC has around 8,000 followers, including the show’s narrator Russell Tovey, Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat and Harry Potter star Jessica Cave, while writer Neil Gaiman tweeted a message of support for the campaign: “good luck! I think Doctor Who Confidential is one of the best shows about television out there…”

The Save Doctor Who Confidential campaign, which spoke to last week, has set up its own YouTube channel, and is also encouraging fans to send video messages expressing their concerns to BBC1’s Points of View.

The latest series of Doctor Who Confidential garnered an average TV audience (on first showings) of around half a million but is watched by many more on catch-up, the final episode reaching the top of the BBC iPlayer chart last Thursday. contacted BBC3 regarding the Save Doctor Who Confidential campaign but they declined to comment.