DVD review: The Killing – USA version

The American version of the hit Danish drama arrives on disc

The Killing – Season 1 – USA Version (Cert: 15)
3 stars


Based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen, which received critical acclaim when it aired as The Killing on BBC4, this American take inevitably suffers in comparison. But judged on its own merits, the Seattle-set version is still a superior thriller with nuanced performances and a suitably downbeat tone. As in its progenitor, the drama ties together three distinct stories around a single murder as we follow the detectives assigned to the case, the victim’s grieving family and the suspects. A standout performance comes from Michelle Forbes (yes, that really is Ro Laren from Star Trek: the Next Generation), who plays bereaved mother Mitch Larsen.


Format: DVD
Extra features: Extended episode (Orpheus Descending), Deleted scenes