DVD review: Chalet Girl

Love is a slippery slope for Felicity Jones in this romcom

Chalet Girl (Cert: 12)


3 stars

The class barrier appears to block the path of true love (though it’s more of a slippery slope) in this Alpine-set British comedy. Following eye-catching turns in Cemetery Junction and TV’s Northanger Abbey, Felicity Jones makes a winning heroine as Kim, the working-class Cinderella tending to a well-to-do family at a jet-set resort while learning to snowboard. Her aim is to bag a cash prize in an upcoming competition and save widowed dad Bill Bailey from total despair.

It’s a formulaic yarn from first-time film-maker Phil Traill, with the central romance suffering because the object of Kim’s affection – rich boy Jonny (played by Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick) – seems more in love with himself than anyone else. The compelling journey here is the personal one that Kim takes as she battles fear and insecurity to realise a sporting ambition. Her friendship with Tamsin Egerton (posh totty Chelsea in the St Trinian’s films) is also fun to watch, not least because Egerton can be simultaneously snotty, hilarious and endearing. Chalet Girl won’t melt your heart, but it at least leaves a warm glow.


Formats: DVD and Blu-ray
Extras: Commentary from Phil Traill and Felicity Jones, a short featurette filmed at the movie premiere, plus trailer