You’ve Been Tubed: from Alessio Rastani and Mad Men to outer space

This week’s hot viral videos from across the net...

1. “You’re all doomed!” says man. World panics, briefly
Alessio Rastani’s startling appearance on BBC News spread rapidly on Tuesday, because it seemed to be someone in the know dropping their guard and giving us the unvarnished truth. “Governments don’t rule the world,” said the suited Rastani, who billed himself as an independent financial trader. “Goldman Sachs rules the world.” Rastani went on to predict a massive Eurozone meltdown and urged viewers to “protect your assets” and hunker down for a depression, which he freely admitted he was going to profit from.

Soon, though, Rastani himself became the story. At first, social networkers thought he was a spoof, based largely on the bizarre and, let’s face it, borderline racist notion that he and this famous Yes Man prankster are one and the same guy. Then it turned out that Rastani, whom the confused Twitter hivemind had ended up erroneously billing as a “Goldman Sachs trader”, was actually a bloke who lives with his girlfriend in Bexleyheath and who probably shouldn’t have been giving expert analysis on the Beeb.

Doesn’t make him wrong, though. “A must watch if you want to understand the euro crisis and how markets work,” tweeted BBC business editor Robert Peston, before Rastani’s status was questioned.

2. Norwegian scores headed goal from his own half
Goals where players chip it in, David Beckham-style, from their own half are ten a penny. What most football fans have never seen before is a headed goal from 60 yards out, but that’s what 27-year-old Norwegian midfielder Jone Samuelsen pulled off this week, netting in the last minute to give Odd Grenland a 3-1 win over Tromso. Less heroic: the Portuguese referee who made like a footballer and feigned terrible injury when confronted by an angry player.

3. Astronaut shoots video out of spaceship window
Nasa’s incredible one-minute film, shot using time-lapse cameras by the astronauts on the International Space Station, sweeps you from the northern Pacific, past the western United States and on down through South America until you hit Antarctica, where the sun comes out. “Cosmic,” said 5 million YouTube users, inhaling deeply.

Also pretty mellow and mind-blowing: the same spaceship films the Auroras.

4. Paxo scalds Obo for making guest run away
Newsnight viewers getting ready to nod off during a discussion of the Euro got a surprise this week when increasingly off-message conservative columnist Peter Oborne made an appearance. Oborne repeatedly referred to a hapless Eurocrat as “this idiot”, to the point where the man from Brussels stormed out and Jeremy Paxman felt the need to give Oborne a dressing-down, on air. Oborne was pretty rude to a former editor of the Financial Times as well, at one point standing up to hint that his lax coverage of the banking crisis made him worse than Hitler.


5. Don Draper Pitches Facebook Timeline
Another week, another annoying Facebook redesign. But the new Timeline feature has American advertising’s best brain on board, thanks to a clever reworking of the classic scene from Mad Men series one where Don Draper faces up to his own emotional bankruptcy, but then channels it into a pitch for a Kodak slide projector. That scene is so good, it’s still quite moving even with the Facebook gag plastered over it.