The X Factor 2011: Judges’ houses – Kelly Rowland’s girls

She’s got the hot favourite, Janet Devlin, in her category

Gurrrl, you got the girls! And Miss Rowland couldn’t be happier with her category. With some of the strongest contestants in the competition as well as the bookies’ favourite, Kelly has a good chance of mentoring the future winner. They can all sing and many have been experiencing issues with their eyebrows, so if you’re still confused about who’s who, just read on…


Janet Devlin (Odds on winning: 11/4)

Who? Sixteen-year-old Janet is the current X Factor frontrunner and was already a YouTube hit before the show began.
Sounds like: Ellie Goulding / Diana Vickers
We think: She’ll definitely be in the final.

Amelia Lily  5/1

Who? The one with the big rock voice.
Sounds like: Pink / Stevie Nicks
We think: How come we couldn’t sing like that when we were 16?

Jade Richards – 7/1

Who? The Scottish one with the sob story and the big voice.
Sounds like: Adele
We think: She’s got a sob story and a big voice, so it’s a no-brainer.

Misha Bryan – 14/1

Who? 19-year-old Misha from Manchester can rap as well as sing – take that, Janet Devlin!
Sounds like: Jennifer Hudson / Aretha Franklin / a generic rapper
We think: You’ll either love or hate her original style – that is, if (when) she makes it through.

Melanie McCabe – 14/1

Who? The pretty one from Dublin.
Sounds like: A good singer
We think: She’s got the looks and the voice, but no, err, x factor.

Sophie Habibis  20/1

Who? The one who works and sings in an old man’s pub.
Sounds like: No one we’ve ever heard singing in an old man’s pub
We think: She might be back in that old man’s pub next week.

Holly Repton – 50/1

Who? Again, who?
Sounds like: ???
We think: Err… We think she was in last weekend’s show, but we’re struggling to remember her.

Sarah Watson – 66/1

Who? The one with the braces.
Sounds like: Everybody else
We think: She’s good but she’s not the one (Janet).