DVD review: Hawaii Five-O: the Complete First Season

Exciting reimagining of the classic cop show

Hawaii Five-O: the First Season (Cert: 15)
3 stars


There’s lots of unexpected pleasure to be had from this reimagining of the classic cop show. First we have the bone-crunching fight sequences, then there’s the ongoing conspiracy thread that never outstays its welcome, and last (but certainly not least) there’s the inspired bromance between lead characters McGarrett and Danno. Series stars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott (son of James) Caan keep things lively for the 24-episode run, while their bickering and ability to slide over the bonnet of any car on the islands have ensured the show a second season.


Formats: DVD and Blu-ray
Extra features: Making of the pilot, Inside Comic-Con, The Story of Season 1 featurette, Deleted scenes, Easter egg, Gag reel