Simon Cowell’s got the Eggs Factor

Media mogul's next TV format may be a cookery show


Simon Cowell’s already cornered the market in TV talent contests (and, to a lesser extent, low-concept game shows), but now he’s got the world of gastronomy in his sights, too, with a Syco TV cookery format.


Details of the new show are scarce, but it is thought that the media mogul is likely to have been inspired by the global success of the MasterChef franchise and will attempt to convince some of the world’s best cooks to appear on the programme.

Based on the pop producer’s previous efforts and self-confessed love of “big event” TV, it’s probable that there will be a competitive element to his new foodie format.

Cowell has hinted that he’s keen to diversify away from music-based TV shows these days, having recently launched the poorly received Red or Black? on ITV, and commented publicly that he’d like to branch out into TV drama.

It is unknown whether any particular broadcaster is yet attached to the cookery project.


Simon Cowell is currently acting as a judge on the US version of The X Factor, which can be seen in the UK on ITV2.