DVD review: Blitz

Crime thriller starring Jason Statham, out this week


Blitz (Cert: 18, 2010)


2 stars

In a nutshell: Jason Statham plays a tough-nut London cop

An unconventional London detective finds himself on the trail of a serial killer targeting cops in this violent crime thriller. Action star Jason Statham gives a good account of himself as the no-nonsense Detective Brant, handy with his fists and ready with a wry one-liner, but an unoriginal plot and a general lack of excitement don’t do justice to either him or the high-calibre supporting cast.


Worthwhile turns from Paddy Considine (as a gay policeman battling prejudices) and David Morrissey (as a hack journo) ensure that there’s always someone worth watching, but the procedural developments simply spend too long idling in second gear. 

Formats: DVD and Blu-ray
Extras: Over 20 minutes of deleted scenes