Arnold Schwarzenegger to release his autobiography

Actor-turned-politician's memoir will be called Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story

He’s been a bodybuilder, a Hollywood star and the Governor of California, but now the multi-talented Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying his hand at writing, too, penning his memoirs.


His autobiography, which will be called Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, is due for publication by Simon & Schuster next October, with the publisher calling it “one of the most anticipated autobiographies of this generation”.

The book will trace Arnie’s life from his arrival in the US from Austria as a bodybuilder, through his career as a movie star to his appointment as the Governator.

“Nobody has a life story even close to his. To go from poor immigrant to world class athlete to the biggest movie star in the world to Governor of California is an incredible journey,” said the company’s US publisher, Jonathan Karp.


It is not yet clear whether the book will touch on the events of this summer, which saw Arnie’s wife, Maria, file for divorce, but Simon & Schuster promise readers “a larger-than-life portrait of his illustrious, controversial and ever-entertaining life in and out of the public eye.”