Video: Jo Brand on her Big Splash

Watch the comedienne talking about her new series on Dave

We recently rocked on down to the gleaming UKTV offices in picturesque Hammersmith to talk to celebrated comedienne and actress Jo Brand about her new water-based show on Dave and found her on good form.


Jo Brand’s Big Splash sees the Getting On star donning her custom-made cossie (complete with waterproof pocket for fags, lippie and her donor card) to explore Britons’ relationship with water, from the Lido to the sewer.

Featuring celebrity guests such as Bill Bailey and Sean Lock getting up to all manner of hydro-hijinks, some of which Jo discussed with us, the new series is a mixture of aquatic-themed stand-up and filmed stunts.

Show highlights apparently include Jo meeting Britain’s first gay synchronised swimming team, racing a home-made royal wedding-themed raft and earning some pocked money diving for golf balls.


Catch all the wet ‘n’ wild fun on Dave from Thursday 22 September.