The List: REM on TV

See clips of the recently split rock band's small-screen roles

Alas! REM have headed off to that great gig in the sky after quietly announcing their split last night, drawing their massively successful 30-year career to a close.


But while the rock world mourns the loss of the band that produced classic albums like Automatic for the People, Out of Time and Murmur, we thought we’d pay tribute to the group in our own way – by compiling a bunch of their shiny, happy TV appearances for you here on this page.

So, without further ado, REM on the box:

1. Furry Happy Monsters. Messrs Stipe, Mills and Buck meet the cast of Sesame Street. What’s not to love?

2. Garage rock. Homer Simpson somehow tricks REM into performing in a makeshift pub he’s set up in the Simpsons’ garage.

3. Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Michael Stipe appears in some way-out shades to baffle the animated talk-show host.

4. Captain Scrummy. No, it’s not Sophie Dahl – it’s Michael Stipe serving up frosty treats on The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

5. Beavis and Butthead v REM. Was there ever a chance the two giggling metalheads were going to enjoy Shiny Happy People? Surprisingly, the answer is yes…