Sarah Jane Adventures: new trailer for fifth and final series

A first glimpse of Elisabeth Sladen's final Sarah Jane series has been released by CBBC

“I thought I’d seen it all… but this is new. Really new,” says Clyde (Daniel Anthony) at the start of the first trailer for the fifth and final series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, which has now been released on the show’s official CBBC site.


The 41-second video is a teaser giving glimpses of Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), Clyde and the gang in peril dodging explosions, aliens and forcefields. There are also tantalising shots of new monsters who seem quite upset about something. Plus it features Sladen relishing delivering the line “Take me to your leader”.

Long-time Doctor Who favourite Sladen died earlier this year after completing production of this series. She first appeared as Sarah Jane Smith in The Time Warrior, a 1973 Jon Pertwee Doctor Who adventure, before staying with that show alongside Tom Baker until 1976. There followed a brief, failed spin-off called K9 and Company in 1981, then a guest appearance in Doctor Who’s 20th anniversary special, The Five Doctors, in 1983.

Nearly a quarter of a century later, she made a remarkable and moving return to Doctor Who with David Tennant in 2006.


The success of her return there led to her own, much more successful, spin-off in 2007. The final series is due to start soon on CBBC.