Kerry Katona show “axed” by ITV

No more "Next Chapter" for the former pop star and tabloid darling


Fans will no longer be able to watch in great detail as very little happens day by day to Kerry Katona – best known for being Kerry Katona – as her reality show The Next Chapter has been cancelled by ITV2.


“We have enjoyed working with Kerry on two successful series of The Next Chapter,” an ITV spokesperson told press, “but we do not have any further episodes planned.”

The Sun reports that Katona’s own spokesman, publicist Max Clifford, said: “It is a shame as Kerry wants to be on TV and after her success on Big Brother people obviously want to see her. But with the ITV deal she was caught up in something that was beyond her control.”

The show followed the ex-reality and ex-Atomic Kitten star as she faced various obstacles to her career, ironically not including anything quite as big as being cancelled.


Katona was last seen on our screens as runner-up of Channel 5’s rebooted Celebrity Big Brother.