Star Trek’s William Shatner smacks down Star Wars

The Captain Kirk actor brands his sci-fi rival "derivative". Do you agree with him?

Unleash those lightsabers and set phasers to kill: according to William Shatner, the Star Wars franchise is “derivative” of Star Trek and concerned with nothing more than spectacle, while Princess Leia cannot hold a candle to the alien beauties encountered by the Enterprise crew.


In the latest video posted to his YouTube channel (see below), the Shat discusses the rivalry between the two sci-fi phenomena with his daughter, Lisabeth. Unsurprisingly, he quickly reaches the conclusion that Trek is superior thanks to its philosophical questioning and interest in relationships.

Citing the 2009 reboot directed by JJ Abrams as proof of Star Trek’s greater value, the actor argues that the franchise now “has more special effects than Star Wars, so Star Wars has nothing to stand on”.


Are you a fan of Wookiees or Tribbles, the Sith or the Borg? Or should these two behemoths share space in the galaxy without coming to blows?