Heeere’s Johnny! Rare uncut version of The Shining to screen in New York

Extended cut of Kubrick's horror masterpiece will feature four minutes of material not seen since 1980

A rare uncut version of Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece The Shining will receive its first screening since 1980 in New York this October.


The extended version of the film features some four minutes of material that Kubrick cut from the picture shortly after its very first outings in cinemas.

Before the modern age of multiplexes it was common practice for films to open in a handful of cinemas before going on to more general release, which allowed directors to alter their movies based on initial audience reactions. Kubrick was one such film-maker to take advantage of this set-up, famously excising 19 minutes from his symbolic science-fiction movie 2001: A Space Odyssey after its release in 1968, as well as this chunk of material from The Shining 12 years later.

The Dryden Theatre, which will be screening the extended Shining on 22 October, describes the missing footage as a “chilling coda cut from the original release.”

According to comic book news site Bleeding Cool, the two missing scenes occur just before the film’s concluding shot of Jack Nicholson appearing in one of the Overlook hotel’s ageing photos.

The first apparently depicts state troopers looking for Nicholson’s body in the hotel’s snowy maze and being unable to locate him; the second takes place in a hospital, where the Overlook’s manager attempts to convince Wendy and Danny that nothing supernatural took place at the hotel but that Jack’s body has not been found, before giving Danny a tennis ball.

Fans hoping to get a look at the new Shining will not be able to buy tickets in advance, and will have to take their chances at the box office on the day itself.

There is as yet no word on whether the extended Shining will receive a wider release.

The Shining, an adaptation of the Stephen King novel, is a supernatural/psychological horror film about a struggling writer who accepts a caretaker job at a deserted upmarket hotel and moves there with his family, where they bear witness to a number of alarming sights and begin to lose their grip on reality.


You can watch the original trailer here