DVD review: Cedar Rapids

A childish salesman gets his first taste of the outside world

Cedar Rapids (Cert: 15)


4 stars

In a nutshell: Ed Helms finds himself out of his depth on a business trip

This superb comedy stars Ed Helms as a naive and homely insurance agent dispatched to a sales convention in the Iowa city that gives the film its name. There he falls in with a wild crowd that includes boorish John C Reilly and flighty good-time gal Anne Heche, and their escalating stunts and japes threaten to derail his company’s goal of picking up a prestigious award. The Hangover star Helms never strays too far from the nerdy salesman he plays in the US version of The Office but Reilly, as the foul-mouthed veteran, steals all his scenes with a masterclass in vulgarity.


Formats: DVD and Blu-ray
Extras: Deleted scenes, making-of featurettes, gag reel and a fake trailer for Top Notch Insurance