Huge Dalek collection wins Guinness World Record

Rob Hull's collection of 571 Daleks has earned him a place in the history books

It seems that Davros isn’t the only chap in the universe with an army of Daleks at his command any more…


Memorabilia collector Rob Hull has just been recognised by the Guinness World Records people for having the world’s largest collection of the Doctor’s nemeses, which stands at 571 models, toys and replicas.

Perhaps strangely, considering the mass of Doctor Who merchandise that has taken over the 49-year-old Doncastrian’s house, he claims to have no interest in the programme itself, saying: “I’ve never been a fan of the show, but I have been enchanted by the Daleks ever since I saw one in a toy store as a child.

“My mum wouldn’t buy it for me, but I swore at that moment that I’d have my own one day.”

Apparently Hull resolved to do just that at the age of 29, when he bought his first Dalek.

And that fateful purchase was the first step towards a collection that encompasses all things evil and pepper pot-shaped, the centrepiece of his horde being a full-size 6ft replica model that cost him more than £2,000.

But while the massive Dalek collection might be the stuff of Whovian fantasy, apparently one person very close to Rob isn’t impressed – his wife, Dawn, who said of his Daleks: “I hate the bloody things and I’ve got a feeling this is only going to encourage him.”


Hull enters the record books alongside the owner of the world’s largest Afro and a woman boasting six metre-long fingernails.