Video: The Brand’s Celebrity Big Brother verdict

See what Stuart Baggs made of the Channel 5 reality show's finale


It doesn’t matter if he’s halfway through a charity abseil, The Brand’s still got time to talk about Big Brother for us.


Yes, despite hovering perilously over a vertigo-inducing drop, Stuart and fellow Apprentice alumnus Raef Bjayou still managed to fill us in on their favourite Big Brother stars and their memories of the series.

And any TV producers watching would be well advised to stick with the video once the boys have made their descent, as Mr Baggs’s Big Brother analysis gives way to heartfelt pleas for more time on telly. He doesn’t specifically say that he’ll do anything to get back on the box, but the implication is clear…


Oh, go on Mr Desmond, any chance of a place for our Stu the next time CBB rolls around?