Video: The Doctor’s new coat

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan introduce Doctor Who's latest sartorial update


It’s been adorned with leeks, draped with scarves and, in Colin Baker’s tenure, turned into a sickening Technicolour dreamcoat, and the Doctor’s coat has just regenerated again into a natty new number for Matt Smith.


Seen here in this newly-released Doctor Who Confidential clip, Smith dances into shot in his new knee-length coat claiming “I’ve been campaigning for a new coat”, before bidding a verbal farewell to his until-now trademark tweed jacket, claiming “the tweed will always be king”.

The new look gives Smith sartorial echoes of David Tennant, whose iconic brown trench-coat is still selling well on Amazon, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s greatcoat sporting modern-day Sherlock.


Could it be the sign of a darker tone coming to Doctor Who, or is the Gallifreyan just trying to stay warm now that summer’s over? Only time will tell…