Radio Times magazine: 10-16 Sept 2011

Don't miss this week's free Rugby World Cup wall chart!

The Rugby World Cup kicks off this week and you won’t miss a pass, punt or scrum with RT’s free wall chart in our brand-new issue. And if you need your rugger appetite whetting further, we’ve got analysis of the upcoming tournament from Mike Tindall, Martin Johnson, Scott Hastings and Gareth Thomas.


Also this week:

Meet five newly discovered dinosaurs that make the T rex look like a pussycat

Kirsty Wark takes the MasterChef challenge – and talks Libya and lentils with Gregg and John

Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud meets the couple who rescued a lifeboat station

The Hairy Bikers reveal their latest culinary mission

Gary Oldman on his ten-year absence from the big screen – and why Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy tempted him back

We ponder what’s next for Colin Firth after his Oscar success

Playwright Alan Ayckbourn on rivalling Shakespeare’s popularity

Martin Clunes reveals how much Doc Martin means to him and the family business

And Zoe Ball on loving murders, foxtrots – and Matt Smith


Next week in RT…The return of Downton Abbey…Peter Firth picks his top ten Spooks moments…and Tim Dowling finds out how valuable his banjo is on Antiques Roadshow…on sale Tuesday 13 September