The Debate: Appropriate Adult – an appropriate theme for a drama?

Fred West was a sadistic serial killer - so should ITV turn his story into television?


When is the time right for dramatists to exhume a figure of infamy and bring their bloody story to life again? It’s a question as old as the arts, never mind television. And you’ll hear it being asked of ITV’s new drama Appropriate Adult about the depraved serial killer Fred West, who raped and murdered at least 12 young women.


We talked to Neil McKay, the writer of Appropriate Adult, West’s daughter Mae and Dominic West who plays him in the drama. Radio Times TV editor Alison Graham also gives her thoughts. 


But we want to hear from you too. 

Is it the right time to revisit the West case? Will it ever be? Might it answer important questions? Read what those involved in the drama and the events themselves think, then post a comment below and share your thoughts.