The best Coronation Street smash-ups

With Stella facing danger this weekend, we look at other Weatherfield collisions


1967: A goods train crashes off the viaduct. Could this be the end of Ena Sharples?
1969: Emily Nugent’s Street outing to the Lakes ends in disaster when the brakes fail on the coach.
1979: A lorry overturns and its cargo of timber shoots through the Rovers’ window. Tracy is feared dead.
1980: Renee offers to drive Alf home from a country pub but the journey ends in a fatal collision.
1986: On their way back from Rochdale, Jenny loses control of the car that she and Martin are travelling in.
1997: Lunatic Don Brennan’s vendetta against Mike Baldwin ends in fiery death.
2002: Joyriding with Aidan Critchley goes very badly for Sarah Platt.
2003: Richard Hillman has big plans for Gail and her family
2009: Maria decides to punish Tony Gordon for his role in Liam’s death by driving straight at him.
2010: To mark the show’s 50th anniversary, a tram smashes into both the Kabin and the Corner Shop.