Rough Cuts: David Tennant is sexier than Matt Smith

Tenth Doctor beats Eleventh incarnation in Syfy channel survey

You could argue for aeons about how many bodies a Time Lord can inhabit in a lifetime – indeed, in some circles it’s a form of foreplay – but David Tennant’s has officially been declared the sexiest.


Bow ties and fezzes may be cool, but it seems sci-fi geeks find trainers and a striped suit more of a turn-on. Yes, Tenth Doctor Tennant (you know, the one who talked gobbledegook very quickly, looked good in a tux and said “I’m sorry” a lot) earned second place in poll conducted by digital channel Syfy to find the hottest sci-fi hunk, lapping up 16.9 per cent of the vote. Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith (you know, the one who talks gobbledegook very quickly, looks good in a tux and says “Trust me. I’m the Doctor” a lot) came tenth with 8.7 per cent.

Torchwood’s John Barrowman, currently getting Daily Mail journalists hot under the collar (but not in that way, cheeky!) finished third with 14.2 per cent. However, it was X-Men’s Hugh Jackman who clawed his way to the top spot with 20.3 per cent of the vote.

If any male readers are feeling left out, don’t despair – there was an equally scientific sci-fi babes poll. This saw Star Trek: Voyager’s Jeri Ryan (10.9 per cent) beaten into second place by Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar (12.7 per cent).

The words “Jeri Ryan”, “beaten by” and “Sarah Michelle Gellar” in the same sentence have probably just caused 50 per cent of readers to lose their concentration. But if you’re still reading…


In fourth place with 10.6 per cent of the vote, Karen Gillan’s famously long legs put her a step ahead of Billie Piper (who finished fifth with 7.7 per cent) in the battle of the Doctor Who companions.