Charlie Brooker pens Sky1 spoof crime drama

A Touch of Cloth will satirise detective shows from the past decade

10 o’Clock Live host Charlie Brooker has written a new comedy crime drama for Sky1 with the Viz-tastic title A Touch of Cloth.


The one-off, two-hour programme, co-written with TV Burp gagsmith Daniel Maier, aims to be a “spoof of every British crime drama made in the last decade”.

Actor John Hannah will star in the show as DCI Jack Cloth, a riff on the archetypal hard-drinking TV detective, who is teamed with Suranne Jones as his “plucky, no-nonsense sidekick”.

“After you’ve seen A Touch of Cloth you’ll never be able to watch another detective show again,” said Brooker. “Not because it’s a devastating piss take, but because you’ll have smashed your TV into pieces in a disappointed fury.”

However, Sky entertainment head Lucy Lumsden was more positive about the show, calling it “witty, naughty and unashamedly silly.”


The spoof’s broadcast date is yet to be announced.