Rough Cuts: Cheggers plays dead

Keith Chegwin and a bunch of fellow D-listers are set to perish in a new horror film...


Amy Childs? Darryn Lyons? Pah, forget CBB: this year’s hottest D-list mash-up is Kill Keith, a film in which Rough Cuts’ favourite naturist TV presenter, Keith Chegwin, meets his maker.


But he’s not the only one. Joining Keith on the mortuary slab will be chipmunk-larynxed comedian Joe Pasquale, self-described “poptastic” DJ Tony Blackburn and big-boned astrologer Russell Grant, all of whom fall prey to a serial killer on a crusade to murder the once pop-playing Cheggers.

Sounds bonkers? Perhaps, but maybe the whole film is actually a symbolic meditation on the nature of celebrity, hinting that the public’s pathologically obsessive fascination with these modern-day idols ultimately leads to their bloody destruction and downfall.


Or maybe it’s just an excuse to giggle at a serial killer obsessed with Swap Shop and see the former GMTV doorstepper torn limb from limb. Whatever the weather, it’s out later this year, and Rough Cuts can’t wait. Enjoy the trailer.