Lady Gaga to appear as guest star on The Simpsons

Fame Monster becomes the latest music star to visit Springfield


Here’s some good news for all you little square-eyed monsters out there: Lady Gaga is on her way to Springfield.


Not content with being one of the biggest musical acts on the planet, Ms Gaga (if that really is her name) has decided to lend her golden tones to television in a Simpsons episode entitled Lisa Goes Gaga. 

The plot sees the star visiting Springfield in a Gaga express train after hearing it’s a town with low self esteem.  She goes on to cheer up a glum Lisa through the power of song…and flash mobs.

The 25-year-old singer described the experience of recording for the show as “a little nerve-wracking”.

“I would say this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done,” she told Entertainment Weekly, adding: “I play a little bit of a slut…the apple doesn’t fall far from my artistic tree.”

Series creator Matt Groening certainly seemed pleased with the show’s latest big-name guest too, declaring, “Since the very beginning, I’ve always wanted to have on the most iconic personalities of our time, and she’s it.”

In the past the godfather of animated comedies has played host to a galaxy of musical stars including U2, Paul McCartney, Green Day, Britney Spears and even an uncredited Michael Jackson.

Lady Gaga voiced her part yesterday, and you can even see a picture of her in front of a microphone… Don’t all rush at once.


The episode is due to air as part of The Simpsons series 23, which begins in the US next month.