Doctor Who: Matt Smith hints at exit timing

Star's new interview with Radio Times suggests departure date may already have been set


Matt Smith has dropped the strongest hint yet that he knows when he will be leaving Doctor Who.


Speaking in an interview in the new issue of Radio Times, he told Gareth McLean, “When I finish [Doctor Who], I’ll be…” before checking himself and continuing, “Well, I don’t know how old I’ll be, but by the end of next year I’ll be 29 so…”

Doctor Who series six is about to return from hiatus and Smith has signed up for another series, yet to be filmed and due to air across 2012 and 2013. If the plan he alludes to is true, it would be his last outing as the Time Lord.

Smith was talking about future roles and the danger of being cast only on the back of playing the Doctor.

“When I’m 40, I won’t be playing the same parts. If people are going to employ me on the basis that I once played the Doctor, that’s up to them. If the part’s right, the money’s good, why not?”

Doctor Who returns from hiatus this Saturday with episode eight of series six, Let’s Kill Hitler.


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