Spy Kids and Cold Mountain coming to Facebook

Miramax launching movies to rent over Facebook in the UK

From next month, Facebook users will be able to rent Miramax movies, including Cold Mountain, Spy Kids and Chicago, and stream them direct to their computers.


It will work through Miramax eXperience, a Facebook app.  Following similar moves from Warner Brothers, Paramount and Universal, you will pay for the films through Facebook credits. In America, the fee is 30 Facebook credits per film, which works out at approximately three dollars or two pounds: no UK pricing has been revealed yet.

As with other online services such as iTunes, renting the film gets you the ability to watch it at any point during the following 30 days – but once you’ve begun to watch it, you will have 48 hours to finish.

US Facebook users will get a choice of 20 titles where the UK is intended to start with ten. Right now a beta version of Miramax eXperience is available in the UK that shows trailers for all 20 films but as yet there’s no option to rent any of them. The service should start properly in September.


The complete list of films to be made available in the UK is: Chicago, Cold Mountain, From Dusk till Dawn, Good Will Hunting, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill (Volumes 1 and 2), Shall We Dance, Sin City and Spy Kids.