News round-up: Brad Pitt, Gordon Ramsay, Big Brother and Bed

A look back over the weekend in entertainment news

Brad Pitt movie setting Glasgow alight


The filming of Brad Pitt’s World War Z continues to draw excited crowds and add sparkle to the daily news.

Scenes of carnage and chaos that would have had riot-tired Londoners running for cover were followed with fascination by locals as shooting moved across the city.

Those who know the book may be up in arms, but all the fans care about is catching a glimpse of Brad in action.

Gordon Ramsay cracks down on swearing

Sounds like pots and kettles in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen. The hot-headed TV chef has suspended star employee Matt Bishop from his London Maze Grill for verbally abusing a waiter.

BBC criticised for Glastonbury freebies

The Daily Mail took the BBC to task for giving complimentary tickets to Glastonbury to well-paid presenters to pass onto their friends.

Sky customers paying too much for movies

An investigation into pay-TV rights by the Competitions Commission criticised BSkyB for its stranglehold on Hollywood blockbusters.

Cult novel Bed set for big screen

Benedict Cumberbatch, Ben Whishaw or Matt Smith could be one of the slimline stars to bulk up for a film version of award-winning novel Bed by David Whitehouse, which has been optioned by Film4 and Warp Films. The story follows a skinny man who grows to 100 stone.

X Factor – before and after

One weekend, two reality shows and a bumper crop of stories for the tabloids.

The build-up to The X Factor saw The Sun behind the scenes eavesdropping on rumours that new judge Gary Barlow was creating trouble with his dastardly plans to raise standards on the show.

Could Gary have missed reports that bookies were offering odds of 8/1 on Simon Cowell replacing a judge sometime soon?

If there were tensions off screen, it was explosive on the night with contestant George Gerasimou letting rip at judge Tulisa, then panicking about public reaction.

Only one show into the series and it looked like talented Kitty Brucknell could be the first fragile wannabe to flee the stage.

But for producers it was a good day at the ratings with 10.5 million tuning in.

Big Brother – back inside

The Mirror doesn’t approve of Big Brother any more.

But having delivered its damning verdict, the title got to work – along with all the entertainment sites – packing its website with a wealth of stories documenting the minutae of life within the house.

Highlights ranged from Kerry Katona failing the biggest diva vote and facing eviction, to Jedward gamely exposing their willowy physiques in an early morning warm-up.

The Metro worried about marital tensions in the Bercow household with husband John’s pained reaction to wife Sally’s arrival on the reality scene.


Meanwhile, the Sunday Express managed to put a positive spin on former Harrods’ boss Mohamed Al Fayed discussing his pet topics with BB housemates while dressed in ancient Egyptian regalia.