Rough Cuts: C’est La Wee – Gerard Depardieu’s public performance

Celebrated French actor exposes his trouser snake on a plane


French film star Gerard Depardieu is used to being the toast of France, but he’s unlikely to be receiving many plaudits for his latest production: he’s reportedly been seen relieving himself on the floor of an aeroplane.


According to AFP, the 62-year-old actor was caught short on a CityJet Paris to Dublin flight on Tuesday evening.

An unnamed passenger described a “visibly inebriated” Depardieu standing up shortly before take-off and exclaiming: “I want to piss, I want to piss!” When asked to wait until after take-off by a stewardess, he said he couldn’t wait and “there and then he stood up and did it on the floor”.

“We could see he had been drinking. The stewardess was dumbfounded,” the female passenger added. “No-one said anything. It all happened with courtesy. Mr Depardieu sat back down and the plane returned to the parking area to be cleaned.”


A spokesperson confirmed with French news that the incident had taken place on flight AF5010 but did not say whether the Air France-KLM subsidiary would take further action against the actor.