Video: Concrete Circus

Watch one daredevil star of Channel 4’s Street Summer season


This video obviously comes with the warning: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, but after watching the clip, you probably won’t want to, anyway.


A sneak peek at tonight’s Channel 4 documentary, Concrete Circus (9pm), shows one participant try a new twist on parkour (a way of conditioning the mind to run and jump between physical obstacles), as 19-year-old Phil Doyle sets himself on fire while attempting a stunt.


Concrete Circus brings together five of the world’s best urban sports stars and viral film-makers for a first-time TV show, after their work clocked up nearly 50 million views online.

As well as Doyle, the show also features stories and stunts from trial rider Danny MacAskill, Spanish skateboarder Kilian Martin, freerunner Paul Joseph (aka Blue), plus cameos from parkour / skater Mathieu Ledoux and BMX flatlander Keelan Phillips.

Concrete Circus is part of Channel 4’s Street Summer Season, profiling contemporary urban culture through the best of Britain’s MCs, graffiti artists, street dancers and much more. Visit the Street Summer website to find out more.

View the trailer for Concrete Circus below.