Photo: Big Brother diary room chair 2011

RT gets a snap of the new-look seat


It’s probably up there with the most memorable on-screen seats of all time (I’m thinking the Mastermind chair, Joey and Chandler’s Lay Z Boys, the bench in Forrest Gump), and every year we expect a new design for the Big Brother diary room chair.


Channel 5 haven’t let us down. The above photo of the new seat (they’re calling it a “space age Chesterfield”, apparently) was snapped by writer Paul Jones while on a press visit to the brand-new Big Brother house today.

The 12th series of Big Brother is the first to be aired on C5 (which begins with the eighth Celebrity Big Brother this Thursday at 9pm), with former winner Brian Dowling taking over as host from Davina McCall.


Let us know what you think of the chair and whether you’re looking forward to the new series…