Brad Pitt shooting zombie movie in Glasgow

The city is transformed into Philadelphia for two weeks as the Hollywood star films new thriller

The streets of Glasgow are being filled with American cars and international zombies as Brad Pitt shoots thriller World War Z in the city.


World War Z’s location manager, Michael Harm, says there’s “a real buzz of excitement around the city”. Last month the film held an open casting call for extras, particularly people of Irish, Italian, African and Asian backgrounds. “We had 7,000 people attend,” said Harm. “The positive feedback and support we are getting from all corners is terrific. We are really looking forward to making this a success for both the city of Glasgow and the film.”

World War Z, co-written by Babylon 5’s J Michael Straczynski, is based on Max Brooks’s novel, which tells the tale of a UN official (Brad Pitt) searching the world for a solution to a zombie epidemic.

Harm said that Glasgow was chosen for its architecture, its wide roads and also the American grid-like pattern of its streets, which let the Scottish city double for Philadelphia.

A cast and crew of around 2,000 – including Pitt – will be filming for the remainder of August around George Square, Cochrane Street and other nearby locations. Shop fronts and signage are being changed to match Philadelphia and American cars have been imported to fill the streets.


Director Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball, Stranger than Fiction and Quantum of Solace) has already been filming World War Z in Malta and Cornwall. The film is expected in cinemas next year.