DIMBLEBOT helps Question Time special draw 3.5m viewers

“Bio-Dimbleby” acknowledges his robotic Twitter alter ego during riots debate


Three and a half million viewers tuned in to a Question Time special last night, according to overnight figures – and in the midst of a serious debate about recent rioting in English cities, there was a landmark moment.


Finally, @DIMBLEBOT – the popular spoof Twitter account that reimagines Question Time host David Dimbleby as a ruthless, mechanised debate enforcer – was namechecked on air.

“You know you’re called Dimblebot [on Twitter], don’t you?” asked panellist John Prescott, who had been sponsored by his Twitter followers to mention Dimblebot during the programme.

“I do know I’m called Dimblebot,” said Dimbleby – or “Bio-Dimbleby”, as he is now known. “And I know there’s a Dimble-dance, and I can do it, too.”

Bio-Dimbleby did, however, refuse to dance there and then, despite calls to do so from the London audience.


The 3.5m audience figure is Question Time’s second biggest of 2011 so far.http://www.youtube.com/v/D0yaB9CfbAE