Video: Doctor Who spring 2011 catch-up

Remind yourself of what's gone on this year in Doctor Who before the show resumes this summer


It’s felt like an agonisingly long time, hasn’t it, since River Song confessed her secret to the Doctor at the climax of the episode A Good Man Goes to War?


But fear not, everyone’s favourite Time Lord will be back on air soon and, if the next episode’s title, Let’s Kill Hitler, is anything to go by, slugging it out with something even more evil than the Daleks this time around.

BBC America have put together this handy catch-up video to remind any Whovians whose memories of this series have got lost in the mists of time of what’s been going on in this year’s adventures with the Gallifreyan and his chums.


So kick back, remind yourself of what’s gone before, and get ready for the show’s return. It’s been announced that the series is due to resume on Saturday 27 August in the States…