Jamie Oliver’s Birmingham restaurant attacked by rioters

Jamie’s Italian “smashed up” as violence extends outside the capital


TV chef Jamie Oliver says the Birmingham branch of his Italian restaurant chain was among the businesses attacked in yesterday’s riots.


Following widespread destruction and looting across London, Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre became the first location outside the capital to fall victim to attacks.

It was closed early, prompting rioters to move on to other parts of the city, but not before businesses, including Jamie’s Italian, had been damaged.

“Sadly my restaurant in Birmingham got smashed up,” said Jamie, via Twitter. “Windows all gone, whole area closed, can’t open, staff and customers all safe thankfully.”

He also told followers that his south London kitchen shop and school, Recipease, had escaped the attention of rioters: “My cookery school was in the thick of Clapham riot but seems there not interested in reading or cooking as Waterstones & Resipease go [sic] left.”

The TV chef praised the response of the emergency services and sent messages of goodwill to other victims of the attacks, tweeting, “My love and thoughts go out to everyone effected by these riots, and all the people i work with who are in the thick of it …be safe …”


And he condemned those involved in the destruction, saying it was “…time to get our country back now we need 2 come down hard on these idiots.”