Rough Cuts: Alex Reid and Chantelle melt hearts on This Morning

Blissfully happy couple dazzle the nation with their earnest declarations of love


Cupid, that charming chubby-cheeked little cherub, has clearly been practising with his bow in the vicinity of The London Studios down on the South Bank, if this morning’s This Morning was anything to go by. It featured a couple so tongue-tied with affection that they struggled even to acknowledge their new-found bliss.


Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton were the lovebirds on the sofa, facing a low-heat grilling from Eamonn Holmes and a woman who isn’t Kate Garraway about their relationship. “Are you in love?” asked not-Garraway, provoking a pregnant pause of what felt like minutes between the words “well” and “yes”.

”More so than ever before?” asked Holmes, looking inappropriately sceptical. “Love has many degrees,” was Reid’s heartfelt response.

People get into relationships for all sorts of reasons, everything from irrational animal passion to a fear of dying alone, and the interview revealed the fairy-tale story behind Reid and Houghton’s first romantic meeting: like Romeo and Juliet, they were seated next to one another on an aeroplane by a PR agency, whisking them from one press junket to another.

“We’ve shared a lot of common experiences: Big Brother and marriage to famous people,” said Reid, summing up their lock-and-key compatibility, as Chantelle blinked back what looked like tears of joy at the mere mention of the word “marriage”.

“I have to say, folks, sitting close to them, you can feel the love,” said Holmes direct-to-camera at the end of the interview, somewhat unnecessarily, in Rough Cuts’ opinion, after five minutes of such unbridled passion. Honestly, what were you sneering Twitter types watching? This is clearly a love affair to rival Charles and Di’s.


Watch the interview here.