Rough Cuts: Paul Daniels attacks silly season for being silly

Sooty Pizzagate has been blown out of proportion, says veteran TV magician


Rough Cuts was today mildly interested to learn that celebrated TV magician Paul Daniels has hit out against a gift of a silly season news story about him that appeared in The Sun.


The report detailed an accident the conjurer suffered last month while filming an episode of ITV’s forthcoming The Sooty Show, in which Daniels was hit in the eye by a pizza thrown by the programme’s titular 63-year-old star, leaving him in need of hospital treatment.

But the illusionist took to Twitter this morning in an attempt to puncture the story. “Ignore the SUN ‘news’. That Sooty accident was AGES ago and I am well, happy, and raring to start the Ed Fringe this afternoon,” he tweeted.

The 73-year-old entertainer then got to the heart of the matter in a follow-up posting: “It’s August. The Sun are desperate for something to print.”

But with MPs off on their summer hols and Celebrity Big Brother still some weeks away, can one blame desperate and news-starved tabloid journalists from digging through the files for something to print?

And with a story like this involving a fringe celebrity being robbed of their dignity, which the Sun illustrated with a table headlined ‘Puppet vs. Muppet’, one might well imagine lazy hacks in Wapping exclaiming “that’s magic!” in delight at its occurrence. Just as one might expect lazy hacks outside Wapping to resort to tortuous misuse of the conjurer’s catchphrase to close their articles…

Viewers can see the fateful moment later this year when The Sooty Show screens on ITV1.

Listen to audio of Daniels denying the incident below:


Paul Daniels: “I Was Not Hospitalised By Sooty” (mp3)