First look: David Tennant in This Is Jinsy

The tenth Doctor as you’ve never seen him: a camp, corrupt game show host…

You’ve seen him as the Doctor, Hamlet and Casanova. Now here’s the new face of David Tennant: Mr Slightlyman!


Slightlyman’s a resident of Jinsy, the island setting of bizarre comedy This Is Jinsy, which comes to Sky Atlantic next month and features Tennant as a one-episode guest star.

“He’s a Jinsy celebrity,” says Tennant. “He’s the host of the wedding lottery show, and has been for a lot longer than you’d imagine.”

(“Wedding lottery show” is not a mistake: Slightlyman is the “master of the balls” during a televised ceremony in which forced marriages are conducted via a lottery machine full of “faceballs”, ie balls with Jinsy inhabitants’ faces on. In case you were wondering.)

“Slightlyman is older than he looks and is clearly a fan of plastic surgery,” says Tennant.

Does that mean several hours in make-up? Apparently not: “It’s intentionally low-tech. It’s a very old-fashioned facelift where they literally stick your face back.” Indeed, in the episode it turns out that when Slightlyman closes his eyes, his ears close as well and he can’t hear anything.

So what about those ridiculous clothes, David? A bit embarrassing? “Not really. It’s actually quite similar to what I wear on a daily basis.”


Jinsy co-creator Justin Chubb concurs: “There was no problem getting him to wear the costume. The problem was getting him out of it…”