Doctor Who: a video postcard from Karen Gillan and Matt Smith

"Dear Arthur, wish you were here" joke the stars to their absent colleague, at Comic-Con 2011

If you can’t go away on holiday yourself, it’s at least nice to get a flavour of what you could be up to if you weren’t stuck in the grey, grim UK, right…?


With that in mind, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have filmed an open postcard to their friend and colleague Arthur Darvill – aka Doctor Who’s Rory Williams – from sunny California. 

Wearing sunglasses and a broad grin, Matt Smith bemoans the “terrible weather” in San Diego, and explains that “no one really knows about Doctor Who” at Comic-Con (the largest comic book and popular arts convention in the world).

Karen Gillan – looking rather 60s in striking eye make-up and a frilly collar – complains that she’s actually having “too much fun”, before finally signing off “Loser!” as the pair collapse into laughter.

It’s good to have friends…