Scanners to be remade for TV

David Cronenberg's head-bursting horror classic to join the growing list of genre shows

We’ve had zombies in The Walking Dead, vampires in True Blood and it seems that we’ll be getting psychic head-bursters next on TV with the creation of a new small-screen series based on David Cronenberg’s classic horror film, Scanners.


It seems that Dimension Films, who acquired the rights to the Scanners franchise several years ago, are currently in development on the project, having originally planned to produce a theatrical remake of the film for release in 2008.

But the success of several horror-themed TV series in the States has led to the studio changing tack, drafting in The Hills Have Eyes director Alexandre Aja to executive produce the new series and potentially direct the pilot. According to Hollywood news website Deadline, Dimension president Bob Weinstein and Aja conceived the idea of adapting Scanners for television.

The first Scanners film, about a corporation attempting to exploit the psychic abilities of a small number of humans, was released in 1981. It was followed by two sequels and two spin-off films, and is infamous for its quite literally mind-blowing, head-exploding special effects.