Trailer: Star Wars deleted scenes teaser

Watch never-before-seen clips from the original trilogy


Force fans will have something to celebrate this September when Star Wars: the Complete Saga is released on Blu-ray, replete with a host of never before seen deleted scenes teased in the trailer above, as well as a rumoured alternative introduction to Return of the Jedi.


The drip-feed of deleted scenes from the original trilogy has kept reissues of the first three films buoyed since the release of the Star Wars Special Edition in 1997, which saw an infamous deleted scene of Han Solo meeting Jabba the Hutt restored and reinserted into A New Hope. A CD-Rom release called Star Wars: Behind the Magic, which emerged the following year, also included a selection of scenes cut from the trilogy’s first film.

Fans had been led to expect the Saga box set on DVD in 2007 but the set’s release was postponed until now, with Lucasfilm executive Steve Sansweet hinting in April 2010 that the delay was owing to reissue compilers continuing to find material omitted from earlier releases of the films.

Looking at the teaser trailer and bearing in mind George Lucas’s promise that the new releases will include “more deleted scenes that you haven’t seen yet”, the Complete Saga set looks like a must-have for Star Wars aficionados.

If you’d like to learn more about scenes known to have been deleted from the Star Wars series, check out this Wikipedia page.