Rough Cuts: Apprentice star baked to basics

Runner-up, but still a breadwinner: Helen Milligan on the rise at Greggs


Seeing as it’s a slow news day, ladies and gentlemen, we thought we’d throw our lot in with the other 100-odd media outlets stuck with little to say in telling you that Apprentice runner-up Helen Milligan’s landed herself a better job with her old employers, Greggs.


One might say that Helen’s soon to be rolling in dough and she’s definitely not a sandwich short of a picnic for taking a regular gig that’ll see her bringing home the bread. But that’s all quite tortuous, so one probably shouldn’t.

So here are the facts. Helen is now the head of retail in the South East for the Newcastle-based bakery chain.  She’ll oversee 200 shops and be in charge of 2,300 staff… I know, the story writes itself…

Overjoyed at her appointment – surely the icing on the cake (boom boom!) for the 30-year-old – Helen told The Sun: “I am more suited to being an employee in the corporate world than an entrepreneur. I was very lucky that Greggs gave me time off to do The Apprentice.  They are a really good company to work for.”


Well, everyone’s got to earn a crust, Helen… you’re pie-red!