Rough Cuts: The News at the End of the World

Watch the trailer for the nonexistent Hackgate: the Movie


Cor, “Hollywood” doesn’t waste time in picking up ideas for movies, does it?


The Social Network came out just as Facebook’s popularity was peaking, and now those clapperboard-wielding movie moguls have apparently slapped together a trailer for a Tinseltown chronicle of the News International phone-hacking scandal.

But unlike other films you won’t have to wait months for this particular nonexistent all-star flick to light up your local multiplex, as we’re all living through Hackgate: the Movie as we speak.

Yes, it’s a tale worthy of the myths of ancient Greece, replete with greed, corruption and the (career) deaths of a host of tyrants. It’s an exciting tale of scandal, celebrity and sleaze, as good eventually triumphs against the odds.


It’s been 168 years in the making, but thanks to Paul and Lisa from parody specialists Handface Productions, it’s a tale the public can finally digest on the big screen. Well, YouTube. Mind you, it’s bound to get a one-star pasting in The Sun…