Freeze Frame: Top Gear

The petrolheads have a new champion, and his name's Rowan Atkinson...

The dust has settled, the results are in and a new king has been crowned… bear witness ye mortals, as Rowan Atkinson last night raced to the head of Top Gear’s Star in a Reasonably Priced Car leaderboard.


The Blackadder actor, who is more often seen on TV pootling about in a lime-green Mini as Mr Bean, tore round the tarmac in a record-breaking 1 minute 42.2 seconds, leading motormouth host Jeremy Clarkson to declare him “the fastest man ever”.

However, the comic’s jaw-dropping lap time isn’t perhaps as surprising as you might think. Atkinson is a famously keen car collector and, having owned a McLaren F1 since 1995, is clearly no stranger to the world of high speed.


And his reaction to the triumph? A reserved “good” and a nod of the head. How dignified. How regal.